Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Adventures of Shyneert Part 1 The Contagious Man

It was an early Yuister in the town of Schistik.
I was getting ready for school. Meanwhile my mum was cooking breakfast.
She was going to prepare some Dyksters (Toast with Maple syrup and blueberries) I really loves Dyksters. It's savoury and extremely scrumptious. Stania (my mum) does cooking club every Yuister, and that's today! I hate Yuisters because at school I do 4 hours of maths a day! I never listen to instructions, that's why I get told of 3 times a day! (that's a LOT)

I go to school by this weird train that flies on a cable with a boat on top. I call it The Mega Awesome Rail Cable Water thing. Nobody knows what it is called? It must be called: Totally Mysterious! Crispy is my best friend and he calls it weird… That's just simply STUPID! How can someone call that weird? Well right now I need to go to the Mega Awesome bla bla bla…

I was exhausted. It was dark and lame, creepy and vague. It's like if ghosts were surrounding me. Breathe, stay calm. I walked to the giant station. My mum pushed me in front of the Mega Awesome Rail Cable Water thing. I looked at it like every day. I stepped it, I entered it, I sat down… Nobody said anything. It was calm and peaceful. Nobody talks.

Suddenly, a man came and interrupted the whole silence. "Hello everybody. Are you enjoying life? I am. I've come here to hypnotise you! Muahahahaha!"

"Excuse me, I'm trying to read this catalogue, so please don't come and disturb us." A posh lady said that. I had this feeling she came from Buckingham Palace.

"No one interupts the MASTER OF MASTERS!" Every famous person in Shyneert has this strange name. It's really contagious. Wait a second… His fake name is not Master of Masters. It's The Contagious Man! He is an evil guy with red cherries on his lip. His cherries on his lip are actually mini bombs that can explode the whole city.

It was time to start the real action!


  1. What an exciting beginning! I like the idea of a contagious man. Is there actually something contagious about him too?

    1. Yes! There actually is something contagious going around. Read it when I'll do Part 2!