Monday, February 10, 2014

Making our treasure boxes...

We're going to be making some 3D treasure boxes, loosely based on the treasure box poems we've written.

Miss Whittaker helped us to get an idea of what this is going to be like by doing a poem and box herself. Here's the poem:

My Treasure Box

I will put in my box
a playful dolphin jumping through the Coral Sea
the gentle tropical breeze blowing over palm leaves
a fire dragon’s poppy red breath

I will put in my box
an underwater reef’s silent beauty
Atlantic surf excited by the new moon
New Caledonian shells washed up on faraway shores

I will put in my box
a pheasant perched delicately on a tree of life’s emerald branches
a Chinese lucky cat’s majestic purr
Totero, the friendly wood spirit

My box is fashioned from precious Indian rubies
which twinkle during a red moon,
I will have adventures with my box
we will swim through an eternal whirlpool of happiness together

And here's the box she's created:

Now it's time for us to start making our boxes...


  1. Oh Miss Whittika that was a lovely poem !!

  2. I really liked your poem a lot! I can´t wait until we do the box!