Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chapter 4: Wooden Men!

The Doctor and his companions were being chased by some Smilers which were not in a good mood.
There was no point of going back to the gas chamber because there were some Slitheens and they would get in trouble. So they carried on running. They didn't know where they were and they didn't care because they wouldn't stop running.
Well Rob thought this was getting a bit repetitive, so he asked: "Can we have a cup of tea?".
"Shut up you idiot!" said the Doctor. "Don't you know we are trying to get out of here?"
"Wow, all I know here is that you are a little bit harsh." said Rob.
"Now, just be quiet and carry on running. Otherwise we'll get caught by the Smilers" said Rose.
Then, they turned a corner (which went left) and landed smack damn in the middle of a group of wooden men. Wooden men were people and if they touched you, then you would turn into one.

Anyway, the Doctor got out his sonic screw driver and then: vriiiiiii!
One of the wooden men fell apart and then another and another. Vriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Vriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
But then the wooden men started to close in! Vriiiiiii! Another wodden man fell to the ground.
They had managed to escape! The problem was that now the wooden men were also running, followed by the Smilers and first in the race was the Doctor and his companions.


  1. Interesting! I hope a wooden men wouldn't touch me!

  2. Well done Jacques for keeping the Doctor Who chapters coming!