Friday, February 7, 2014

The Mystery Club: Chapter 1

By Maia

I opened my eyes something strange, something not normal at all, something....

I was 24 years old and my Mimi, one of my friends, was also 24...

But not JUST that around me it was, oh I don't really know. It was just too strange...

SCRUNCH a noise came, we froze in fear and held our hands tight.
It was a puppy. We all  started to cuddle, him but instead he led us to a puddle of water.

"How strange!" said Mimi, surprised
"Yeah why a big puddle? "asked Pablo.
"Don't ask us," Maia and Sanika said  at the same time.
"BUT why...?" we said all together.

Continued in Chapter 2


  1. Well done amazing use of speech next time try to usea variety of sentence openers.

    from Jack and Oli

    1. It must be GREAT in England...
      What are you doing at school?