Monday, February 3, 2014

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 11 Pizza's or Nothing! (The pepperoni airport)

At the airport lounge in Chicago…

Pizza's! Olympia loves pizza's. She is a BIG fan of pepperoni pizza's.
She soon said to Dad " Can I have a pepperoni pizza"? He clearly said NO!
Olympia started crying. "Dont worry be happy". Her dad said. "You can have nothing or nothing".
"No I can't have nothing or nothing I want pizza's or nothing so I choose pizza's"! She exclaimed.
"Ok fine, but if you say I don't like that cheese or I don't like the tomatoes I will be having the whole pizza"! Olympia had the face she usualy puts when she's upset in airports. She lookes very weird when she does that!

When they entered the restaurant they sat on a pizza shaped table. In fact all the tables were shaped like pizza's. But this one she thought was very clearly a pepperoni pizza. She had a weird vision. All the airport was made out of pepperoni! She zoomed to a person and snapped his face and she ate it.
All the airport was staring her.

BOOM! She opened her eyes had dad woke her up. "Quick what's wrong with you we have to go to the airplane NOW"! They went running and running and running. They were the last ones to arrive at the plane. Olympia slept and slept all through the voyage. She didn't wake up for a single movie!
All she did was sleep…

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