Friday, February 28, 2014

Wizard vs Aliens Chapter 2

At the end of school Michael asked his mum Elizabeth to go to Josh's house
"Yes Michael, you can."
Ding Dong! - the door bell rang.
"Hi Mr Brown I am here to see the amazing wizard Josh!"
"What, did he tell you something like being a wizard?"
"Yes, why?"
"Yes dad, what's the matter?"
"Go away now or else!"
"Bye Mr B and bye Josh."
Michael went running home and told his mum.
"I will call Mr Brown now my dear boy."
"Hello, Mr Brown, my dear boy Micheal has come home saying that..."
Beeb beeb
"He just hung up on me !"
"Dad was that Micheal's mum?"
"No I need a big talk with you Mr Josh Brown!"
Ding Dong!
 "Who is it go away"

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  1. Well done for your story writing Elie! (And all your other posts too!)
    I see you drafted a last part to this. Are you going to publish it?