Monday, February 10, 2014

My tiger

My snow tiger is the best!
Its name is Snowy.
It's eyes are light grey.

Its fur is as white as the snow.
It eats sugar instead of milk.
He can hide in the snow and no other animal can spot him.

It's nearly 110cm tall.
It weighs 300 kilograms.
It can run 80 kilometers per hour.

When it is tired it makes the sound "Prrrrrr".



  1. Wow Cristina you now niamh hase adopted a elephant at Chester Zoo!

  2. Do you really have a snow tiger.

  3. Great, Cristina - I'd like to know more about the inspiration for this poem!

  4. Lovley Cristina! I love it`s eyes are light grey. The similie( it`s fur is as white as snow) is realy effective. Maybe,you can start with things rather than it`s and my.
    Lauren. Orange 1. England

  5. Great use of adjectives maybe you could use some similes next time keep up with the epic work.

    from Jack and Oli

  6. Wow Cristina! Maybe next time use some similes
    From Rebecca01

  7. Wow Christina I love this piece of work and not many people write about animals on our blog so its a change and its a perfect piece of writing pehapes next time you could cange my tiger is the best to somthing like my tiger is amazing or fabulous

  8. Thank you for giving me some suggestions!