Monday, February 10, 2014

The the animal half monster and Krrish part 3 : the zombie zone

For some days the town was again fine and back to normal, but the trouble was going to start. One day a man died in a war, he was  one of  the strong soldiers  in the king's court. When everybody was burying the soldier, he suddenly woke up and people just dropped the dead body down. Suddenly AAAAAAAA..... went the voice. People shouted " IT'S A ZOMBIE, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"

Everybody got scared and ran but Krrish came again. He couldn't  touch the zombie so he took a rock and threw it, but the zombie remained the same. Then he took a football and dribbled the ball and kicked the ball very hard and targeted the face squish, the zombie's face went right off its neck,but the zombie still walked Now Krrish  picked up a metal rod and it sliced the zombie and this time it fell to the ground THUD. 
Krrish saves the day again!


  1. Wow - chapter three! - you're writing lots Advait - well done. It's quite a gory story! I took out that zombie picture, as it might scare our gentler viewers!

  2. ok Mr Gregg I was going to delete that picture.