Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Adventures of Shyneert Part 2 Contagious Shyneert

Continued from: Part 1

"Hey you, stand, don't move"! I shouted in front of the not MASTER OF MASTERS.
He pushed me and tied me up with his MASTER rope. If i'm still like this I wont be able to go to school.

 He did this weird trick with a hypnotiser. I couldn't look. I closed my eyes, for a second I opened my eyes. Then I closed them again. I opened them. The voyagers were not there except ME! He untied the rope from me when I wasn't looking.

I had to drive the Mega Awesome Rail Cable Water Thing to school. I know how to drive it because my dad is the president of the Mega Awesome Rail Cable Water Thing company. I sat down the comfy chair. It's also fluffy too. I drove it to school using these weird buttons.

The arrival at school was OK but not good. Our 4 hour maths lesson turned into a how to hypnotise people class. Science became into a how to grow hypnotising plants. Our History lesson was why did Napoleon get hypnotised. I was like that is not true. It was the hypnotised day!

All Shyneert was hypnotised by the not MASTER OF MASTERS!
I called my BFF Crispy to come to my house to wonder what happened.

Crispy always dreamed to go to the Mega Awesome bla bla bla… And he is!
He couldn't stop saying "When are we going to arrive at the weird"! As you know he calles it weird.

That's just boring. Anyway, when we got to my house Crispy and I went to my room.
We spent hours and hours concentrating on the mystery. We found clues on the Fricynet, (internet in Shyneert) we searched for the MASTER OF MASTERS and there was a thing that said:

     He is going to hypnotise the town of Ghonchy next Krontier and then, the whole of Shyneert!

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