Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Twits Chapter one

It all started when Mr and Mrs Twit lived in a little house, they didn't like each other. "Ha here you are Mr Twits where do this frog come from hum I hope not the swamp even if she come from the swamp." 

At the beginning they were so pretty but now they are so hairy because they didn't wash themselves and their hair got dirty.Mr Twit had some food in his beard like tomatoes, beans… One day Mr Twit went to dinner, he had spaghetti. He looked at Mrs Twit and waited for her to go in the kitchen and there she went.   Mr Twit  thought that he could go outside for a while to take some slimy worms. As fast as he could he went to the dining room and put all the slimy worms into her plate. He thought that she won't see the slimy worms in her spaghetti. When she came back, she said "Thanks for waiting here." "Ha what is this!!" screamed Mrs Twits,  Mr Twits I can not trust you! Where have got those slimy worms from?! Go outside." Mr Twit went near the swamp and saw the little horrible frogs. He had an idea: Why don't I take one and put it Mrs Twit's bed? He went back home and went to the bedroom and secretly put the frog in the bed. Mrs Twits went in her bed. 

"Mr Twits you will have to sleep outside!""OK!" Mr Twit said. "OK, I'm sleeping outside if you don't want me to sleep in here." "Mrs Twit said, "Get out of here Mr Twits.  If you don't get out of here I'm gonna kill you with a knife, Mr Twit." And there Mr Twits went outside and Mr Twits was about to fall asleep and he just heard a "HA A A A A A!!!" It was Mrs Twits she saw the horrible frog in her bed. Mrs Twits went outside the house Mr Twits was in big trouble…

"Ha here you are Mr Twit where did this frog come from hum I hope not the swamp even if she come from the swamp."


  1. Clara - you've worked really hard on this, and your writing in English is getting better and better!