Monday, November 25, 2013

George's Marvellous Medicine

George's grandma is sick and she needs to have medicine. George always has to give his grandma medicine at 11:00. And he is tired of doing that every day. 
George hates her grandma because she's mean. One day George decides to do a "special medicine" for her. He goes to the bathroom to get bath stuff like shampoo. He also picks stuff from the first aid box. He goes to the kitchen and light's up the stove. He get's a pan and puts everything he has and some water, but it isn't enough.
So after that George gets shoe polish and disgusting things like that. George waits until the medicine becomes purple.
But it needed to be black. So he puts in a black liquid and... it's ready for grandma. She yells "George it's time for my medicine!"

George is mysterious about what is going to happen. Suddenly she's flying. She wants to get down. Then things get worst. Grandma is so red. That's because George put chili peppers. That was weird.

After that she grows so tall that she breaks the ceiling!
After a little while she turns into animals and other things.
Until she becomes tiny and  disappears. George didn't see any of grandma after that.  He lived happily ever after.

I enjoyed reading this book. My favorite part was when George gave his grandma medicine and she goes weird and funny. I find this book interesting  and well written, with lots of imagination and humor. I love Roald Dahl's books. 



  1. A great post about the contents of the medicine Pablo. I like the way you change the font size for 'tall' and 'tiny'. Those things make a difference. Well done.

  2. I think Roald Dahl had a lot of fun with that section about making the medicine!

    Well done for this post, Pablo!