Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Cat Named Comet

A cat named Comet found a secret map! On the map were drawings that showed a maze and a golden well in the center. Inside of the well were millions of fish. So Comet wanted to go find it! The biggest problem was a bridge of tickling plants. Comet had to cross the bridge to get to the well but if the plants tickled his four legs he would fall off. Oh dear! Comet was brave and used his claws to pick the plants up by their roots so they couldn’t tickle him. He made it to the well and had his dinner!

By Ryan Kemmetmueller


  1. Well done Ryan! I loved the idea of the map, and the tickling plant bridge. And you brought your story to a very satisfying conclusion in a hundred words!

  2. I'd like a tickling plant in my make me laugh! Great story Ryan