Thursday, November 28, 2013


This story is about Roald Dahl himself and tells us about when he came home from school with his four friends they went to the sweet shop to buy sweets. The thing that most disturbed the children was a horrible woman with an apron that was really dirty with bits of old breakfast on it and when she pick up the sweets the children think "there are no more sweet shops in the village, we need sweets to live". Roald Dahl buy one Liquorice Bootlace and one of his friends, called Thwaites, told Roald Dahl  that Liquorice Bootlaces was made from rats' blood. Thwaites has got a father who was a doctor and his father told Thwaites about these sweets.

I think that the woman at the sweet shop needs to be more nice with the children and more clean. I think that  Thwaites ' dad said that Liquorice bootlaces were made from rats' blood because he didn't want that the children to eat sweets.

I don't have this book and I really want to read it all.


  1. I enjoyed reading your review Vega. You worked hard on your English. The whole book is quite tricky but really good. We can look out for it for you. Well done.