Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It all started when Matilda was very small.
She had secret powers that she kept hidden in her mind.
She first discovered her powers when she tipped over a glass in school  in front of the headmistress. Matilda was foolish because the headmistress was very dangerous, she was very strong to.
She was ashamed of herself. Why did I do this? she asked herself. This all happened when she was very small (5 to 6 years old).

She told her teacher called Miss Honey, who was very nice.
Matilda relied on Miss Honey. Miss Honey didn't believe
Matilda when she said that she had tipped the glass over in class! Then Miss Honey took her to her house. They had a good time together. Matilda's parents weren't very nice by the way.

Matilda had always wanted to go to school and then when her dad said that she could go to school she hugged him! She was really excited and she was very happy!

When I read this book I could not stop myself. (I did of course have to stop reading it when I had to go to bed!) I love this book, it's amazing, it's awesome, it's....

There is a very good ending which I'm going to keep secret because otherwise it will spoil it for you!


  1. It's great to find a book that you just can't stop reading (except for sleeping) isn't it!

    (And well done for not revealing the ending!)

  2. We are reading this as a class story - I am really pleased you didn't tell us how it ends. A super review Alicia.