Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn Haiku

Here are some more Haiku poems written about Autumn.  Some of us were inspired to write more than one!  We hope you enjoy reading them.
               The silent brown trees,                                             It’s Autumn, leaves fall,
                           Insects crawling up the trees,                              The leaves change their colour green,
Beautiful Autumn.                                                   Frogs jump in a pond

                      By Aksh and Advait                                                                By Miguel and Vega

        Temperature gets cold,              Some trees change colours,           Fires are burning strong,
   Some animals hibernate,           Winter coming very soon,              Trees coloured orange and red,
We know it’s Autumn.                We start wearing coats.                  Leaves are falling down.

                                                        By Jesse and Irene

The trees leaves fall down,                                        Places are different
     The ground gets covered in leaves,                          People change clothes in Autumn,
         Colours change the floor.                                           Gardens are messy.

                                                                    By Sara and Luis

             Trees blow in the wind,                                  The leaves change to brown,
       Lots of trees die in Autumn,                           People make a huge bonfire,
The rain makes it cold.                                        Fog is very thick.

                                                        By Niamh and Matias

The wind blows quickly,                                             The sheep change fleeces,
     And the leaves fall down the trees,                         And the fireworks shoot up,
          And the rains fall down.                                             You wear your jumper.

                             The leaves change colour,
                                    And the night comes more quickly,
                                              You clean your garden.

                                                                                                             By Maria and David

       The leaves fall on the
            Floor and hit the ground with a
                  Sudden thud, waiting.

                             Brown leaves get blown by
                                    The wind and then they get burnt
                                      And turn to black ash.

                                                       In the misty wind,
                                                        Orange, yellow and brown leaves,
                                                               Swirl all around us.

                                                                                                                                        By Sanika and Tino


  1. Great haiku, 4B!
    We've all just read them together!

    from 4G

  2. I enjoyed reading your Haiku poems very much!
    Great work!

  3. Sara your haiku are really good!

  4. Your haiku are superb!!!!!!!!!!

  5. All your Haiku poems 4B are exellent!

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments 4G. I enjoyed reading yours too.

  7. I really enjoyed . This is my first time doing haiku , thanks a ton Mrs.Baldwin for the wonderful opportunity.Thanks to my team mate Aksh I made a good haiku.