Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox it is my favorite Roald Dahl book because it's all about a fox which is my second favorite animal. The protagonist is Mr. Fox and the antagonists are three nasty farmers named Farmer Boggis, Farmer Bunce and Farmer Bean.

The mean farmers try to capture Mr. Fox but he is very, very clever. The farmers try to surround him and starve him so he'll have to come out. However, Mr. Fox is tricky and digs tunnels to find food and to help his family and friends to not starve.

There is an exciting part of the book where two big mechanical shovels try to dig out Mr. Fox and his family but they quickly run away. It makes your heart beat really fast to read it!

This book teaches you about bullying. You should not bully because it's very unkind. It also teaches you that if you're ever trapped, you can dig your way out.

Mr. Fox is able to throw a feast for his friends and family and they are all able to celebrate in a big party! I would give this book 1000 out of 1000 stars! It is a really fantastic book! If you read it you will really enjoy it.


  1. Well done for writing a super summary of the story and including your thoughts about what can be learnt from reading it. I find books that make your heart beat really fast are hard to put down! Do you?