Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Twits

The story off the twits by Roald Dahl 
It's about a lady and a man that do not like each other.
Mrs Twit wanted to do a trick so she did she put her fake
eye in Mr Twits cup when he was not looking and as you imagine
he jumped out of his skin !
The more Mr Twit was shocked, the more Mrs Twit laughed and laughed.
So Mr Twit wanted to pay her back and he actually put a frog in her
bed - YUCKY! 

Near the end Mr Twit says that she has the shrinks so Mrs Twit
starts worrying, (She has not really got it but she believes him!) 
So Mr Twit put her on some balloons, he was going to leave her
but Mrs Twit says"are you sure that I'm safe?"
And Mr Twit says "I will sort it out" and he cuts some strings and she goes flying. A few seconds later Mr Twit was already thinking
about the joke and all the marvellous time he would have without Mrs Twit. (Read it to know about it.)

At first Mrs Twit looked nice but she kept on thinking that she was ugly so gradually she went ugly and became so ugly!   

How Things Look Like and What They Had

Mr  and Mrs Twit had one horrible tree in their garden and their tall grey house.
Mr Twit had four monkeys a dad and a mum and the two children .   
The house has no windows because they hated the children!

Back To The Story

Now Mr Twit loved bird pie. 
To get the birds he put the stickiest glue in the world on his horrible tree
and the birds flew on it and got captured .
One day four boys investigated the garden and went to see the
monkeys and then they went on the tree to sit down and  they got STUCK!(Because of the sticky glue!)
A boy had an idea so he cried out "leave your trousers alone"
so the boys fled as fast has they could with their bottoms stuck OUT!   

If you want to find out the rest read it!


  1. Maia, you've worked really hard on this book review! Well done!

  2. What a long review - it must have taken quite a while to write. I read this book with my class last year and we laughed a lot. I am glad you enjoyed it too.