Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favourite Roald Dahl book by far; I just couldn't put it down! I loved how it was filled with excitement, silliness and mouth watering sweets (made by Willy Wonka, the greatest chocolate inventor ever). The treats were described in such good detail that I felt like I could actually picture them and they sounded so good that I wished they were real! My favourite description was a lemon soda filled pool!

Charlie (the main character/protagonist) lives in a small old house with his two parents (Mr and Mrs Bucket) and four grandparents. They are very poor, but even so, Charlie loves chocolate. Unfortunately Charlie`s family is so poor that he only gets to eat chocolate once a year, on his birthday.

Something very unexpected happens to Charlie by pure luck and changes his life. It wouldn't have happened if he hadn't had a keen eye. It is a good change for the whole Bucket family and the story has a very happy ending.

This book teaches you that if people tell you not to do something then you should really think about that. Some of the children in the story were told  not to do something but decided to do it anyway. They ended up getting into a lot of trouble. It also teaches you that things can change in your life, just like that;  if you are having a rough time, keep having hope.

I don`t want to spoil the surprise but it was a 10 out of 10 story and great for all ages above seven years old.


  1. A great book review Jesse, I haven't read this book for a long time. Reading your review makes me want to read it again to hear about all those mouth watering sweets!

  2. You beat me to it Miss Whittaker! A super review Jesse - I always love reading your work. I like the way you give us little morsels about the plot to really tempt us to read the book, without giving too much away. Excellent use of language and a wise explanation about what the characters and readers can learn from the story.

  3. Great book review Jesse I filled my heart with joy read it

  4. Jesse even I liked the book Charlie and the choclate factory