Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fantastic Mr Fox

Mr Fox moved out of his safe cave with his family to a tree hollow.  It was a very dangerous place to live, but in the near there was a farm where Mr Fox got a lot of excellent food.  In the night when it was dark he went out to hunt. The men of the farm were very angry, because Mr Fox stole their food.

The men got so angry that they looked for the cave to kill Mr Fox.  They had to be patient until Mr Fox came out of the cave. When he went out the men shoot their pistols at Mr Fox.  They got him!  Mr Fox bled a lot. Mrs Fox looked at him and saw that the injury was not so bad. 

Family Fox didn't go out of the cave. The men had an idea, they wanted to dig a hole around the tree. They came back with a dipper.

But Mr Fox was a tricky and clever fox. 

He dug a hole under the tree. By the way, Family Fox met some new friends. One day, he had finished the hole and saw that his hole was under the farm.

Mr Fox and his family invited all his new friends to come to a big feast with a lot of food from the farm.


  1. A super description of the story Luis. Well done for completing it in one night! Great word choices too. Did you enjoy the story?

    1. Yes Im with you Mrs Baldwing.

    2. Thanks. I enjoyed reading the story.