Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"The little Dragon Coconut"

Ingo Siegner is a German author who writes some lovely stories for children.

My favourite stories are all books from the little dragon Coconut.

Coconut and his best friends, are the porcupine called Matilda and the most scary eating dragon called Oscar, had in every story an scary and exciting adventure.

My favourite adventure is " Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss reist um die Welt".
It means "The little dragon Coconut travels around the world". In this story Coconut tries to rescue Oscar from the clutches of the bad "Murk".

One story of Coconut is translated into English. The title is "Little dragon Coconut and the Black Knight".


  1. Luis, I didn't know you read (and speak I suppose) German! I just looked up the English one and it looks great!

  2. What an excellent idea to share exciting stories that have been written by authors from your home country. There are thousands of excellent authors all over the world and it is great that you have shared one with us. I must look this story up.