Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Clay work with Frances Marsden

As part of our IPC topic 'Significant People', we have been looking at the French painter and sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle.

Early in November we posted pictures of our own creature designs in the style of her work and today we have had the opportunity to create 3D models from clay.

Thank you to secondary art students and teachers for letting us use their special 'clay room'.

First we traced our design onto a slab of clay.

Next we went over our design to make it stand out.

Then we cut out the designs.

Next, we needed to put front and back slabs together.

After we'd cleaned up the edges, our creations were ready for Frances to take home and fire in her kiln.

In a few weeks she'll bring them back and we'll paint them!


  1. I had lots of fun doing klay. I realy want to do the paint part !

  2. I enjoyed doing the art but the best thing was... EVERYTHING

  3. I love making clay things i can try this at home!

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  4. I had a realy good time making potery.

    By Miguel.