Monday, November 25, 2013

Esio Trot

Mr Hoppy loves Mrs Silver.
One day Mr Hoppy buys one, two, three, four, five ,six and many many more tortoises.
He isn't going to show that because he wants to keep it a secret.
Mrs Silver had one tortoise. Because Mrs Silver know that Mr Hoppy knows many things about tortoises, she asks if he can help to get the tortoise to grow much bigger. He said:

 Esio Trot, Esio Trot, Teg Reggib, Teg reggib! Emoc No, Esio Troto, Worg Pu, Ffup Pu, Toohs Pu! Gnirps Pu, Wolp Up, Lleups Up! Egrog! Elzzug! Ffuts! Plug!Tup No Taff, Esio Trot, Tup No Taff, Tug No Traf, Teg No, Teg No! Elbogg Doof.

Then when Mrs Silver went to the office he got the tortoise and found the weight and had to get a bigger one.

He wanted Mrs Silver to see the tortoise had grown and yes it was a little bit bigger!

When the tortoise was really big then she asked Mr Hoppy if the tortoise can be a little smaller and he said yes, then he said the words in the language the turtles. He said the words and it was smaller and Mr Hoppy asked if she wanted to marry him. She said yes and they married. That was my favourite part.