Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Twits

The Twits were really bad and they were clumsy old maggots. At the end their head got stuck to the floor. The animals were putting everything upside down, but not the house. There were superglue on the floor. Mrs. and Mr. Twit's heads glued on it. Then they shrieked into pieces. One day Mr. and Mrs. Twit put glue on the tree and three boys came. Then they climbed on the tree and they got stuck. Suddenly, the boy's trousers got left up there and the boys fell down. Mrs. Twit made a bird pie and it had dead birds on it. That was disgusting! Then, they ate the pie. I like this story, but the Twits were horrible.

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  1. I always really enjoy this story. Do you remember us reading it in Year 3? Have you read it since?