Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This is a story of a little girl called Matilda that her parents are not nice to her. When she was 4 years old she was enthusiastic to read! One day she asked her Dad "Can I have a book please?" "Why on earth do you want a book theres a lovely TV and now you want a book!!!". Matilda was really sad, but one after noon Matilda looked at a special magasin that you could look at what shop  were in the village so she found a library that was 10 minutes away from her house. Next what she did was go to the library. When she arrived there, there was a lady so Matilda asked where the books for children were. The lady said "There to the right in the corner" "Thank you"said Matilda. When she had finished the book she said to the lady that " I have  enjoyed reading it" then the lady said " cried  Matilda. The lady was shoked in amazement . Then the lady explained that you could take them home and bring then back after 2 weeks Matilda was extremely happy. One night when the family was watching TV and Matilda was reading her book her father camed to her and screamed " Can you not stop reading and watch TV "! So her father began to brake the book " But this is not my book Dad it's from the library" cried Matilda. So one afer noon Matilda went to Fred's house (It is his friend ) when she  arrived there she asked Fred if she could have his parrot… I have loved this book!!!


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    1. We are all looking forward to finding out what happens next. Well done for remembering so much of what has happened so far.

    2. I wanted to write more but i didn't want that all the class new the store.