Sunday, January 19, 2014

Year 4 Quiz Time!!!

Welcome to Year 4 Quiz Time.
This Game is for 4B and 4G. It will be separated in different classes:

4B Starts________________________________________________________________________
In which country is the Taj Mahal situated? 1 India 2 France 3 Russia
Who invented the very first car? 1 Gustave Eiffel 2 Nicolas Joseph Cugnot 3 Leonardo Da Vinci
Who was the first person to walk on the moon? 1 Neil Armstrong 2 Richard Armstrong 3 Neil Armgreat

What is the nick name for the Eiffel Tower? 1 The steel lady 2 The iron man 3 The iron lady
What is our school IST? 1 International School of Turin 2 International School of Tokyo 3 International School of Toulouse.
Where is Toulouse situated? 1 Ile de France 2 Midi Pyrenees 3 Bretagne

Hard Question____________________________________________________________________

Which street is the IST? 1 Allée de L'Herbaudiere 2 Rue de Paris 3 Chemin de la Creche

Do you know all the answers? I think the teachers do!

More Quiz Time later on! : - )


  1. I know it is first answer is Taj mahal is located in India and second is the first car was invented by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. the third is the first man who walked on the moon was
    Neil Armstrong.

  2. Pablo, you are a great entertainer! In a few years you should consider working on the media!!

  3. i learnt all this in my old school: