Wednesday, January 22, 2014

chapter 3: SMILERS

The Doctor, Rob and Rose were running down the corridor. Right and left, when was it going to end? "Where is the exit to this place?" asked Rob.
"I don't know" replied the Doctor.
Then, they went right. "Ah!" said the Doctor "now, that is what I am talking about."
They had landed right in the middle of a group of Smilers. "No wonder we have landed in the middle of a group of Smilers. It is because we turned right!" said the Doctor.
"Ha, ha. Very funny" said Rose.
"Now, remember what you have to do with the Smilers. DON'T make any noise" said Rob. But one of the Smilers heard what Rob said.
I'll tell you what a Smiler is. A Smiler is a robot that is smiling when you first see it. But if you make a noise, or insult them, their head will turn around into an angry snarling face. They can also smash a diamond. Anyway, the Smiler was on angry mode. And then, the whole group was on angry mode. Now they were all running. The Smilers (who were on angry mode), the Doctor and his companions, Rob and Rose.


  1. I'm enjoying this Dr Who series Jacques!

  2. I love Doctor Who! :D It's a really cool story, too! Oooh, you should do one with the Weeping Angels!