Monday, January 20, 2014

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 9 A Girl a Turbulance and a Hollywood Actress

At the airport...

That girl was the girl talking to Daniel Schtint Gellast Beaunoir, or for short Olympia's dad.
How could that girl be lying on the airport entrance ground when she should be at the Guggenheim?
Daniel took her and put her in a suitcase. Now it was very heavy.
When they scanned the suitcase she had to go away. Although at least we know her name.
Sindira Michala Sttett. She was an Indian girl. She had jewels everywhere. It was all shimmering and glittering in the sunlight. When they were in the departure lounge Daniel had a coffee.
Olympia tried it: "Ewww what is that horrible taste!"
He simply replied "Coffee".
She will now never dare to drink coffee. Now she thinks it's poison. The airplane was now going to Madrid. Inside the plane some crazy people were singing in Spanish. They were dancing and singing Macarena. The bad thing about it is…
It's out of tune. They don't dance properly and they are holding people's hands so they come to dance.
What a head ache. They plane started to fly. Olympia sang her favourite song: "I believe I can fly.
I believe I can..."
"STOP!" Daniel shouted so that all the people could hear him. Straight after that there was turbulence. They were doing whoop de loops in the air; it was so comfortable for her while the other people were not having fun at all.
When the turbulence had finished a Hollywood actress came down the hall from the luxury room.
It was Kate Winslet. A British girl with blond hair and dark brown eyes. She's very famous.
Everyone was staring at her except Olympia she just said "Hi". That is not normal.
While she was walking down the plane the turbulance started again doing whoop de loop.
And when she was upside down she didn't fall down. Was she stuck with glue? Impossible.
Olympia fell down and when she fell down... It was just a dream.
All the voyage was a dream.
When she woke up they just arrived at the airport of Madrid. Inside it was all full with people running around to different terminals and when they looked at the label of Chicago they...