Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tell Me A Dragon

My dragon is a moon dragon.
He has shadowy black scales,
colourless white claws and
silver grey eyes that are pale.

My dragon's name is Pitch.

My dragon is made from the moon and stars,
I got him when he was only an egg.
The egg was gloomy blue with stars on it.
It was five times the size of a peg.

My dragon likes raw meat,
The souls of nightmares, he especially likes to eat.

My dragon is serious at times,
but he always remains kind.

But if you touch him on his ear,
He gets really aggressive.
He'll breath fire on your rear!

My dragon guards the gates of hell,
When I am at class.
He soars back home when he hears the ringing of the school bell.

My dragon chases dreams,
nice ones and ones that make you scream!

My dragon's twin is a sun dragon.
Her name is call Celestial.
They usually like each other,
but sometimes they pretend they're not real!

My dragon and I, sleep together at night,
and when I am around him, I do not have frights.

Tell me about your dragon.

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  1. I like the poem, Mimi. Is it yours? The question would be a good one to answer in class.

    Also, it would be good to post it to the poem blog as well.