Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 10 Despicable me!

At the airport lounge…

Had to wait 3 Hours. What are they going to do.
The solution is wait. But Olympia is never patient so she was moaning around looking in daniel's bag
to see if he had chocolates. But no. So Olympia decided to go evil. Despicable! So she went to the bars asking if they had sweeties. And every time they said no she throwed them Coca Cola bottles.
(Never do that in airports when you don't know someone or in fact just DON'T do it).
They were chasing Olympia althrough Terminal 3 and Olympia was throwing Coca Cola's to them.
They rushed up to Terminal 4 and past Terminal 5 Olympia saw Daniel right in front of her so she pushed the sellers into a shop where there was a curtain. She hurried back to her dad sat down and ate some chocolates.

When Olympia had finished her chocolates there was an anounce that said" Passengers, the plane has arrived for Chicago so get your luggage and have a great flight on board your A330".
Olympia was shocked she had never been on an A330!
Very soon after that Olympia and Daniel entered the plane. There was mini TV's on the chairs!
She was so excited she didn't know which film to choose but at the end she chose Despicable Me 2.
Olympia chose that film because she was a bit despicable at the airport. Really despicable. Do you remember what she did?

The air hotess came near Olympia and Daniel. And they asked them if they wanted to eat. Straight after that Olympia said " I want some chicken and chips with a delicious gravy sauce on top with Coca Cola and some little berries. I want lasagna with some turkey with cranberry sauce and a 3 Ball ice cream with 10 different toppings on top. I seriously want you to give me that NOW". Daniel said that Olympia was exaggerating and that she would have the normal menu. Olympia was sad. She wanted the things that she said. Later on when they had finished there menu Olympia watched another film.
She watched Despicable Me 1. At 9 pm of the afternoon they arrived at Chicago and Olympia just saw a restaurant with the best food. In Chicago they make those really well but what was it?
What was the food?...

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