Thursday, January 2, 2014

The History of Bwobs

What is a Bwob?
What to they look like?
What is their diet?
Where do they live?
When were they alive?
How long do they live?
Is this just fantasy?
If you want to find out, just keep on reading! 

Now, a Bwob is a cute little blobby thing that when you see one, you would die because they are that adorable. If you couldn't die of cuteness this is what you would see;


And that is just a rough sketch with some colour.

You see, their colour depend on their favourite colours.
If a Bwob liked light blue and dark green, then the Bwob would be light blue and it's eyes would be dark green.

There are 3 types of Bwobs;
Wing-ish and

They have different names for different genders. Bwob and Bwobette.

The Bwobs have special celebrations like we do;
The Spring Marshmallow Celebration,
The Summer Ice-Cream Celebration,
The Autumn Fudge Celebration and
The Winter Chocolate Celebration.

They usually eat boiled sweets and glowing rock candy which can only be found underground.
But on the days of the celebrations, they eat what the celebration is called? (So hard to explain!)

They are ruled by a king and a princess. They are called King Solaris and Princess Lunar. The king raises the sun and the princess, the moon. They are imortal, but the Bwobs can only live for 172 million, 654 thousand and 289 hundred years. Not that long for a Bwob. (A day seems only like a few minutes to them. Never play that staring game with a Bwob, they could stare for days or maybe even weeks!)

Bwobs live in Bwobtopia, a ginormous city on a faraway planet. You don't have a chance going there.

The Bwobs' hands are too short for them to reach to stuff, but they have telekenesis and teleportation (they don't like teleporting that much, by the way) powers.

If you touch them, they explode. But then they regenerate. They explode often, so don't worry. But if you EAT one then... RIP to you. When you hug one. That's OK. They usually hug you right back. But they can sense if you're bad or not. They might even bless you!

Note from writer:
I am telling you these facts because I'm going to write a story about them. And I don't want you to be going "What?!". OK?!


  1. I wrote bwob on the internet and now I know bwobs look like because the bwob that you drew I couldn't really understand that.

    1. I did not understand what you wrote but bwobs are not my creations. Fans of different cartoons and anime and others made them because they for some reason want them cute sometimes.