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The Adventures of Lilac Blue : Chapter 2 Treasure Underwater!

The Adventures of Lilac Blue: Chapter 2 Treasure Underwater!

Here I am flying again on my Phoenix through space. Ooh, I almost CRASHED into an asteroid, I'm telling you these asteroids are crazy and now I have to cross this big thunder of asteroids! Wait a second I have traveling tunnel so I can use it to skip the asteroids and arrive directly at Tackle Moscle! Cccrrr It opened I said "My destination is Tackle Moscle international Arivalport".
Tackle Moscle is all underwater so the Tackle Moscle people give the outsiders some special sea weed so you can breath under water and......I have reached Tackle Moscle international Arivalport!

There are no airports in Tackle Moscle to replace it are Arivalports because not every body travels in a plane here. I searched in my purse for my passport and it was gone! I asked everybody if they had seen a passport like this:                                                       And inside :  

But every body said no. So I asked some guards and polices and they all said NO. So somebody MUST have ROBBED IT! Suddenly I saw a thin and tall lady that was dressed as a man ( very strange!). No body even took any notice of her, I could remember she was talking to me when I arrived at Tackle Moscle. I starred at her and saw a United States of America Passport in her hand when she looked Chinese or Japanese or  something. She stopped and opened the passport, I saw my chance to check if that was my passport or not.

I tip toed behind her and started leaning over her head it was my passport! I snatched my passport from her and called the police and the guards then they formed a circle around her and asked me what was the mater. I said " This is a lady dressed as a man". They laughed as if I was telling them a joke
so I said " ok then" and I removed her false beard her sun glasses and her coat and then every body

But they asked " but what happened, she just dressed herself as a man and it's all or what"? All of a sudden they realized that the lady was Karma Lee the professional thief. " She dressed herself as a man so people wouldn't recognize that she is Karma Lee and when she came to talk to me she had also turned around me to steal my passport and when she was gone I was wondering why she was dressed as a man but I still didn't know that she was Karma" I explained what had happened.

Then Karma was sent to prison. " Let's go to the entrance that leads us to underwater " I chanted to
my Phoenix. I Jumped on my Phoenix and in no second we where of to the entrance. I showed my Passport to the security people and they gave us the enchanted sea weeds. We ate them them and
dived underwater it was more beautiful than any place in Earth!

I found an animal center where you can put your animals and the person in charge of the animal center will take care, feed and play with your animal. So I handed over Phoenix to the person in charge and set of to find the statue. I swam deeper and deeper to where I would expect the statue to be. I only had a little information about the majestic statue the information was: the statue is in a wrecked ship, lots of Merlions are living around it and near it and the wrecked ship has lots of statues so the statue I am in search in is a majestic, magic, enchanted and with lots of high quality and rare stones on it.

I think that I am close to it because I just saw some baby Merlions swimming around. I've got a fact about it the fact is adult Merlions are supper dangerous and baby ones don't even take notice you and do nothing. A bit far away on the south I saw a group of adult and baby Merlions and even more further away I saw the old Swana (the shipwrecked ship) lying beyond some treasures it had lost. I
knew a clever trick to pass by the Merlions without them noticing!

There are lots of balls of sea weed just floating about in the water big and small so I'll just put lots of sea weed on myself and so I don't have to move I'll place a motor right in between me and the end of the sea weed. I quickly did it and we passed the Merlions and arrived at Swana. Non of the Merlions like to go INSIDE Swana because..... Well I don't know but they just would not go inside. All of a sudden I bumped into the every - thing - knower lady that bred the Merlions ( in Tackle Moscle ) to guard the precious Swana that still has a whole lot of treasure since all these thousands of years.

"I know that you are from earth and you travel into different galaxies to take 4 statues that nobody on earth can imagine " she spoke." Now, to get the precious statue I'll give you 2 riddles and if you guess both or one of them I let you take the statue but if you got both of them wrong so I guess I won't let you take the statue" she warned. " First riddle, what is part of nature, that drinks but has no mouth and is long and hard? " she asked. " Is it a..... Tree?" I asked with mischief.

"CORRECT, second riddle, write My Weight " she glanced and smiled at me. I started thinking to myself " It's so strange how can I write her weight or maybe she said to write on a piece of paper My Weight, YES! "I exclaimed in my head. And did exactly what I thought, on a piece of paper I wrote My Weight. I showed my piece of paper to her and she was very surprised to see that I had achieved it. " CORRECT, you may go and get the statue" she muttered and let me in the Swana.
I was overjoyed that I had completed the riddles. I dashed through all the cabins and finally found the great statue! It even had the name of it under the statue I read it, it was written The Great Tackling Merlion!

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