Friday, January 10, 2014

The Bwob Heroes: Humans In Bwobtopia!

Chapter 1, Weird Things Happen

This story starts in a different place. A place where there are creatures called humans that is...

It was just a normal Thursday, and the children were just doing an exercise in sports. Just then they heard a loud whining of police cars.
"What's happening?" asked Clara.
"Maybe there's a herd of elephants that sound like police-sirens, that would be cool!" said Rozenn excitedly.
"HUH?!" said the rest.
"Or maybe it's Voldermort or Darth Vader!" said Jacques, Gustavo, Miguel and Tino.

While everyone was arguing over what was making the sound, Mimi, Pablo and Sanika crept silenty to the gates of school. That way, they could see what was happening. The criminal known as the Evil Murder was hiding in IST so he could kill students! They gasped in shock.

"Oh no!" said Sanika quietly.
"We gotta stop him!" said Pablo bravely.
"Oh yeah! Three Year 4 kids, stopping this armed villain who could stop ten police men and women with just one shoot of a bullet? Totally!" said Mimi sarcastically.
"How did he escape anyway?" asked Sanika.
"He was in jail and he couldn't have possibly done that. They put him on the strongest jail on Earth!"

But then, this huge ray of light suddenly burst from nowhere and hit the murderer straight on the chest. He fell on the pavement with a giant CRASH.


But whatever. The villain was defeated.

After all that excitement, it was home-time. Mimi was just telling her friends about the plot of her story when this weird cloud appeared from thin air. They stared at it. Then, without any warning it sucked them up! The three mums screamed and then fainted.

They whirled and twirled like mad. It felt like they were in a washing machine with about ten tornadoes added. At last, the cloud spat them out. They fell on grass with THUD. They were so dizzy that they got knocked out.

When they were finally awake, they stood up. They didn't really. The tried but landed on their faces. They looked at each other. They screamed. Each of them saw each other as small chubby and incredibly cute. They laughed.
"This is totally a dream right?" said Pablo.
"Right." replied the others.



  1. There's lots of things I like about this chapter Mimi. Firstly, you've situated it in a familiar setting - a PE lesson in Year 4. Secondly, you've made the characters recognisable: Rozenn with her elephants, Jacques and Gustavo with a bit of Darth Vader - and you with a little gentle sarcasm. Thirdly, you're building up a bit of mystery - we don't quite know what's going on.
    I'm looking forward to Chapter 2!