Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 6: Ice At Jail

5 Months later...

Nothing was normal. It's a total disaster. There is a problem here in Bilbao. People are running through the streets crying in pain. The whole city is frozen! Rocks are tumbling and bridges were falling. Children got sick and adults were driving. Jorge and Olympia said it was like the World War Two.

Isabella didn't know what to do. So she decided to go to another city. They hopped on the car and...
STOP! The police stopped the car."Stop don't advance anymore!"

Olympia was scared she didn't want to go to the jail. The police guards stood there. The had a face on that everyone recognises.
"Sorry but you are coming with us, and you two."
They had their hands attached to handcuffs and it really hurt. Later on that mysterious day. Isabella and her family went in jail with an old fat man that looked like a person Isabella had already seen. He looked really familiar to her. Olympia jumped. She saw the president of Spain right next door... Frozen! She remembered him last time she went here.

The floor was getting colder near Isabella and Jorge and more and more! Until... BOOM Isabella froze at the same time as Jorge. Olympia was alone now Her mother broke up with her father, Daniel. What is Olympia going to do now? What she did was get the key from next door to open the window. She went up opened the window she jumped and...

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  1. Events are getting more and more extreme with each chapter!