Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How is that possible?

While 4B have been busy rehearsing for their assembly, children in 4G have been looking at dragon poems, starting with Mimi and Pablo's dragon poems on this blog.

We also read a book Mimi was inspired by - Tell Me A Dragon - which Miss Ash had shared back in Year 2.

Then we looked at Brian Patten's poem, A Small Dragon. It starts with this verse:
I’ve found a small dragon in the woodshed.
Think it must have come from deep inside a forest
because it’s damp and green and leaves
are still reflecting in its eyes.
We answered comprehension questions on the poem. One of the questions was, "How is it possible that leaves are still reflecting in his eyes?"

We answered on a Padlet wall:

I particularly liked Jacques' answer:
"Because everything is possible in a poet's mind and in MY WORLD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE."

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  1. Wow 4G. I love all your dragon work and although 4B have been working hard on their assembly, I do wish we could have done this too!