Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 5 The Shut Mouths / The Revenge

1 year later… You need to read Part 4 first!

Isabella was already an adult.
She even got married! And she had children and stuff.
The biggest boy had 11 years old. And the small girl had 7.
There names were: Jorge and Olympia.
Sometimes they were scared of the evil people that were trying to kill them.
The girl one year ago in the market got killed by a Guggenheim guard.
That is why one year ago she didn't tell the police. Bill was already dead and most of them got killed.
But there are some in prison.
It was the peacefullest town in the world. They never said something about the city of Bilbao
in the news. It was calm. The city was quiet no one talked. They didn't talk to the friends.
Children never talked to the teachers. The teachers didn't talk to the children. No one was alowed to talk in the supermarket. All of the people never talked to their family except this one. It was SO quiet.
They never talked in the city of Bilbao except us! We had to be quiet in the city.
But there is no rule! Even in the Guggenheim the staff didn't talk! It was amazing.
Jorge and Olympia are great fighters so they could fight anyone of.
They do karate lessons in the middle of the city. They never speak. When people get hurt they never say owww. They weren't alowed to open a single mouth. And they couldn't drink or eat!
And they never died. There was something wrong. The family looked for clues all day.
When they were walking around the restaurant she went lots of years ago they saw a bottle of a special poison that said: To shut down people's mouth. Mamamia! They looked round the restaurant to see someone with a weird face. At last they found someone specific. And it was him!
He rushed down the mall down the stairs and headed to the door of the Guggenheim.
Isabella thought of an idea. She knew that Jorge and Olympia were great fighters so she sent them at his face to take the mask of and kick him in the back. Olympia took the mask of and do you know who it was…    The President of Spain! He wanted to shut the mouths in all the country so everyone stopped asking him things because he was tired he couldn't resist it. He was screaming so loud that his heart beat went so fast that his heart stopped his body paralized he turned into ice…

The End

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