Monday, January 20, 2014

My Treasure: Leotard

Today I am going to tell you about my treasure which is my favorite treasure. It is my Leotard that is for gymnastics. I love gymnastics! I waited for two months and a half. I was so happy when I got my leotard. I asked my gym teacher are those leotards for us? And he said, of course they are. Then I told my friends from gym and they said, “Cool!” I was so SO happy! The moment I got it, it was a real treasure for me. I just loved it!

My leotard is very shiny and sparkly it is also bright red. It has sequins and it’s really beautiful!
My leotard is special for me because I was always asking my mum, "when are the leotards coming?!" Then she said, "I don't know darling."
Gymnastics is a sport and it's my passion. Gymnastics is quite hard sometimes.It depends when. You have to be supple to be good at gymnastics. I'm quite supple!
I will never let it go away! I will always look after it!


  1. I like it as well, who gave you it?

  2. Wow!!!!! Alicia I love your Leotard. I like the star at the top, who gave it to you?

  3. Your leotard is LOVELY!!!!!!!!