Monday, January 6, 2014

My Holiday in Andorra de Villa

One day a family from Germany that lives in Spain came to our house for a happy new year. On Monday the 30th December we woke up at 6am. In the family that came were one girl who's seven years old, her dad who's 36 years old and her mum who's 35.
When we were organized we went to the car. It was a long drive. It normally takes us three hours, but this time it took us five hours because we had lots of traffic. We, all two families, were very hungry then. We went in Andorra de Villa to a pizza restaurant. I chose my favorite pizza. My favorite pizza is margherita.
After that we went shopping. The dad of the other family needed a man bracelet for his watch. That family took an awful long time to choose there things. They nearly forgot about how much we from other countries are aloud to buy, and as well that the sun goes down at 5:00 o`clock. Then we drove to Andorra to play in the snow. We hadn't  much time because the other family had taken so much time shopping. And then a car driver in front of us couldn't drive properly. The other family stopped on the way to Andorra de Villa when we were too far away, but this time the dad just drove. Then the other family with my sister (my sister sat in the other family's car) had fun playing in the snow.
Me and my family except my sister knew that we wanted to drive to a really good snow place, but the other family did not tell us where.
So me, mum and dad decided to go back to France.

That's my story in Andorra de Villa.

But I had a great time with my dad. We drove with our bikes (I got a new bike for Christmas). We drove into a place with lots of mud. I was covered with mud! It was so fun! My mum was not very happy when she saw me covered in mud.

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  1. Oh i liked your vacation Luis and a happy new year.