Monday, January 20, 2014

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 8 The Mystery of Beaunoir

That same minute…

Olympia had heard the word Beaunoir and she knew what it meant. Beaunoir was her cousins second name. That man must be someone from her family but who? Might it be her couisin with 19 years old?
No. Who was that man. Olympia is always inpatient so what she did is a really silly thing. She stretched her arm to the door and opened it. Then she fell. After she tried to go to that lady and kick her for no reason. It was just her brain. The man noticed that she was doing a cheeky thing so he had a serious grin on his face. After that the lady fell on the ground. She got up again. She said this" What is your full name ?" She wondered. The man replied"Daniel Schtint Gellast Beaunoir". Right now Olympia understood it. She knew it was her dad she screamed in front of his face. She was delighted. The girl fell on the ground again what was wrong with her? They just left her on the floor. They went to his house in Los Angeles (California USA).
He is a superstar's servent. They to go on the airplane for some travels. Bilbao Madrid Chicago Los Angeles. That takes days to get there. But Olympia will have to survive. They will be in first class.
That is pretty awesome. They went by car to the airport but what did they see. What was it?...

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