Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tell Me A Dragon

My dragon is a Music Dragon and it's name is Tune. It likes most to listen to Apollo's music because Tune says that the music is really graceful.

It like likes to transform into musical notes. Tune is pink and blue but she doesn't like it. "Though it doesn't really matter too much," she says. Tune is Apollo's favourite pet and Apollo sent Tune to me as a present for something I did for him. Tune is super good at almost everything so he's a great help!

When my parents let me go outside to take Tune for a walk we both go on a adventure ride all round France in 20 minutes! I sit on Tune and she flies even faster that a jet, a bit less than rocket speed. First we go to Village Gaulois and the people welcome us and we would learn about it. Next, Tune and I would go to Espéraza to find out about dinosaurs. Tune loved it and didn't want to leave, though at the end we left.

Then we arived at .....Carcassonne! I bought a medieval gown for me and for Tune I bought a Dragon necklace made out of Emerald. Then we went in the Castle and saw lots of olden things but not cloths or these sort of things. Tune wanted to buy more but we didn't have any money left! Tune and I after went to Biarritz and it was so beautiful that we made a poem, it's called Beautiful on the Seaside: It's so beautiful on seaside, I saw it all, The sea like shimmering turquoise, With froth all over, Like bubbling soap, The sands glistening in the light, Like shiny gold and silver, Big rough rugged rocks glittering with water, Only admire but never climb, Amber, brown, yellow, pink golden, orange, cream, black and white seashells, Some curly swirly like a bouquet, And some shaped like a hand fan, The seaside is a box of glowing things!

Me and Tune collected some seashells to take home! After that we flew across the skies and landed in Paris where we bought a crystal Eiffel tower with a golden clock on it and we bought another one for Apollo and for his father Zeus we bought an Eiffel Tower with 5 lightnings around it. Next we travelled at supper high speed to Greece up in the sky and found Zeus and Apollo and gave it to them, they were so pleased they gave me a power to fly supper quick like Tune!


  1. A dragon who can whiz you round France - fantastic!

  2. Wouldn't people be scared of Tune?

    1. No, because only my family and the gods can see Tune.

    2. Well, OK but Apollo is not the son of Zeus. He is the BROTHER of Zeus. And also, the Gods would be too busy to see if there is a dragon, owned by a girl! If you are offended by me correcting you, no offence. I just cannot help being a perfectionist.