Monday, January 20, 2014

My Elephant treasure

My treasure is an elephant which I got on the last day of school from my best friend Natasha. So, as it is from my best friend, it means a lot to me. At that time I absolutely loved elephants (I still do!) so I think that’s why she bought it for me.

I went round to Natasha house once. When I was there I saw this cute and cuddly face of an elephant. I knew the second I saw it I had to have one. So this is him:

Awesome Elephant!

The collection is made near Chicago by a company called Ty Inc. You can get different animals like Panda, giraffe, elephant, dog, hedgehog, cat, penguin, monkey, ladybird, owl,

Leopard, horse, guinea pig, lion, rabbit, bat. They look a bit like a tarsier with big eyes. Dont you find them cute?

So that is the story of me and Peanut. Thank you for reading.


  1. Peanut is a lovely treasure Rozenn, I've enjoyed reading about him :)

  2. Peanut is AWESOME and CUTE !!! I also love elephants they are EPIC & AWESOME!!!!!!

  3. I like peanut he is really
    really cute!