Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crime at the Guggeheim Part 4 The Bill Killer

Three years later when Isabella had a car…

Isabella was always tired and now she knew that Bill Gates was always the murderer.
When Bill always tried to do something Isabella didn't care.
But on Christmas day she went with her new parents to a market.

And do you know what they found? The real Bill Gates dead on the floor! What a crime was that! Isabella was still tired and did not want to solve problems. There were lots of black men in the market, but there was a unique one. A blue man.

But it wasn't a man it was a woman!
Her new mother saw him run away so Isabella went in her car. She drove with a really loud noise.

It was the Guggenheim! Isabella was moaning around when she saw the Guggenheim

But he didn't want to kill persons with a gun. He wanted to kill them with a knife!!! Isabella saw the knife on the person's face. He was dead. All of the staff were dead! Isabella did not call the police. Why didn't she? It was a mystery.

Discover why didn't she call the police in Part 5.

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