Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Chapter1: battle drobes

The doctor was bored. He was staring at the fireplace, chewing a pencil. Until he ran to the Tardis, and switched the date into 1000 years after he was born. Then he switched the location to Dreamland.

When he opened the door, he was in a desert. He found a little bar and he entered. He saw a man and a woman.

"What are you doing here?" asked the doctor. They were his assistants Rob and Rose. Suddenly a man came in. His hand popped into his sleeve and an exterminator gun replaced it. So the Doctor took his sonic screw driver and made the coffee machine explode. And then, they ran. They stopped right in front of the bar. There were strange footprints on the floor. Whilst the Doctor examined the footprints, a shadow loomed over them. Then suddenly he said "OK, battle drobes."

I know you are thinking that the battle drobes are the men with extermination guns, but actually you are wrong because battle drobes are aliens, not robots.

Anyway, the Doctor knew that a battle drobe was looming over them, so they ran until a missile flew over their heads and exploded the battle drobe to pieces. And then a helicopter flew down. A person said, "Come with us."


  1. *gasp* DOCTOR WHO! I love Doctor Who! Who's your favourite Doctor, Jaques? And companion? Who's your favourite companion? Who was the person in the helicopter? Was it Captain Jack? Please write more! :D

    1. My favorite doctor is the 11th doctor and my favorite companion is Sarah Jane.