Monday, January 6, 2014

My awesome Christmas Holiday in Madrid by Pablo

 Friday 20th December After school I was very excited… It was the holidays!!!
But there was one thing that dissapointed me. We left school!
When we arrived at my house I played all the afternoon.
At night time I watched a TV program called Master Chef and it was the finale.

Saturday 21st December Later on that day we played frisbee, me my brother and my sister. They showed me how to play frisbee and I was much better than usual.

Sunday 22nd December Today we had to wake up early. We were going to Madrid by car. (I don't like to go to Madrid by car). Although I was very excited to see my grandparents! When we arrived at Madrid we walked to the metro station. (I LOVE the metro)  It was very fun going with my dad.

When we arrived at the metro station called: Opera we went to have some Chocolate con Churros at the best Churros bar of the world! They were very delicious! Yummy. When we arrived back at my grandparent's flat my cousins came from Las Rozas to visit me. My cousins names are Juan and Martin.

Monday 23rd December This morning I had to wake up early again. I was very tired but I needed to get up because I was going to see Isabel. I was overexcited! My mum drove me to Montecarmelo where Isabel lives. She lives in a tall flat with a mini park. And when I entered in the park I thought it was the Palace of Versailles! Because it had mini grass balls. We went up walking in the stairs. Her apartment was in the third floor. And when I opened the door Isabel was there!

We went outside to play with her scooters and we made a little course so that it makes it harder. After that we went shopping and me, Isabel and her little sister rode on a sort of half-angry-bird-half-horse thingy (The red angry bird) It had wheels so we could go all around the shopping centre. Later that day we went to Isabel's school and we had to do lots of work! We had to take some mini chairs to the foundation stage room and other things. The chairs were quite heavy and they were celetaped. At lunch time we went to a restaurant called La esquina del 22 which means The corner of the 22nd. We ate tapas and pinchos which is very popular in Spain.

We all had omelette with mushrooms and croquetas which is a Spanish food. They were very yummy. There was also a Christmas tree with some coca cola figurines we can't see in the picture. I had lots of fun that day and I was very tired so I went to sleep.

Tuesday 24th December Christmas Eve is here!! Cool,
but not yet; it's still morning. After breakfast we went back to the metro to go to the football stadium Santiago Bernabeu. That is where the Real Madrid plays football matches. But first it's the metro. We waited for the metro to come to our station to

go to the football stadium.
When the metro came we stopped at the station called: Mar de cristal where we needed to do a metro interchange to go there.
We stopped at a station called: Nuevos Ministerios where we went directly to Santiago Bernabeu.

Can you spot the name of the station?

Later when we arrived there we went out of the metro to go outside. The football station was so big!
It had flags of other football teams. It is the biggest stadium in the world! I couldn't believe it!
Did you see the stadium?
My dad said we should do a little tour round it.
First thing we did was climb up the stairs until we arrived where the seats are. Here is a Giant picture

The stadium was really big. I enjoyed it.
After that we went to see all the cups they won in football; there were thousands of cups!

This is only a little bit of the cups.
Later on I went down and I touched the pitch!
I sat on one of the black chairs at the back and I imagined myself playing football on the pitch - but I will never ever do that because I really really don't like football.

Later on I had popcorn and some ice tea at a bar but we needed to see something else and that is the changing room! I saw the football teams locker and they had a swimming pool inside!

It was really fun seeing the changing room.
The last thing we saw was the TV room where they film the football players. I sat on one of the chairs!

That is the end of my football trip.

But it's not the end of the day! What about Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve my cousins came again to celebrate Christmas Eve with us. We had turkey that night. I love turkey! :)  That same night when it was really late we opened our presents!!!!!! I loved what I got:

Just Dance 2014, Star Wars films 1 2 and 3, Iphone magnets,
A T-Shirt, and some chocolates.
My favourite present was Just Dance because I love dancing!

Wednesday 25th December  Today we went to my other cousins house called: Alvaro, Ines and Jaime
but I have got lots more that weren't here. We had turkey for lunch (Again) but I preferred yesterday's one.
Later we went back to the flat to rest.

Thursday 26th December  Today me my dad and my brother went to la plaza del Sol at night time and we saw a big Christmas tree with lights on.

Friday 27th December  This day I went walking to la plaza del sol from my house (It took us a long time). We stopped to eat a bit of paella and some chips and continued walking. When we arrived at la plaza del sol my mum my sister and my grandma took to much time so we went walking past the metro called sevilla.
Until we arrived at a metro station called: Serrano. We took the metro and went back home.

Saturday 28th December  My parents, my brother and sister went to see some friends but I wanted to stay here because I preferred staying with my grandparents.

Sunday 29th December  We had to go back to Toulouse but I didn't want to go away because (I don't like going to Madrid by car or back to Toulouse). Well, I had to do the travelling again.

The End of my travels to Madrid. 


  1. Wow, Pablo, that's a truly impressive account of your holidays! I loved reading about all the things you got up to!

  2. I like the picture where you are eating churos and you look a bit drunk sorry. The best churos I've had is made by my tia Carmen, who lives in Jimena de la Fronterra.