Monday, January 20, 2014

Chapter 2: Poison gas!

The Doctor and Rob and Rose were flying above dreamland. When they landed, they were in an army station.
"I don't like this place"said Rose.
Suddenly the captain (who was captain Jack) slit his head open. Then the head popped off and then his whole body exploded. The same happened to the soldiers. So five Slitheens stood there. If you don't know what a Slitheen is, I'll tell you. Slitheens are a type of monster which will rip off your skin and use it as disguise. Anyway, the Slitheens put the Doctor and his companions into a chamber.
"Oh, I know what this is!" said the Doctor. It was actually a poison gas chamber. The Doctor got his sonic screwdriver and used it to unlock himself from the chains. VREEEEEE!
Finally he had escaped. Then he did the same with Rob and Rose. VREEEEEE! VREEEEEE!
Now they were all free. PSHHHHHHH! The poison gas was entering. VREEEEEE! The Doctor opened the door with his sonic screwdriver. Thanks to the sonic screwdriver, they has escaped.


  1. They're a lot more menacing than gummy bears, Pablo!

  2. I was told that the Sonic does not work on wood...Also, I was under the impression that the Slitheens only possess fat people?
    Well, Pablo, at least gummy bears don't fart as much!

    1. Why do they only possess fat people? And why on earth do they FART?