Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mr Gregg Adventures: Princess Gregg

In Scotland, there was a queen. She was called Queen Lydia the Fair. But the queen cannot see well. And she did not want glasses or contacts. One day, she thought that she was getting too old and because she did not have children, she would choose a maiden to become a princess and when she passed away, the girl would become queen. And she knew where to look first.

 She was going to Toulouse for a week because she was invited to look around a school called The International School of Toulouse - IST for short. She is going to stay in a luxury hotel suite near the school. And she only had to wait a few days! Her best friend Crystal was looking after things while she was gone.

A few days later...
She was ready! She had packed, bought a ticket, and had someone welcoming her so she knew the way. It took four hours but she did not mind. When she finally arrived, a lady was there. She was wearing a long skirt.
"Hello your Majesty," the lady stammered.
"Greetings. What is your name?" asked the queen.
"Susan Bain,"
"I will just call you Mrs Bain,"
They chatted all the way to the school. When they stepped into the Primary building, children gasped and called to each other.
"It's the queen! It's the queen!"
But the queen just chuckled and said "Good morning children! Just call me Mrs Lydia."
"So...are you married?"
"No! I have always wanted to be called Mrs!"
When all the children had calmed down, they went to 4G's class first as it was nearest. When Lydia saw Mr Gregg, she said "Oh my gosh! She is the perfect one to be the queen!" So she shouted to the guards and they bustled him into a jet that had landed in front of IST.
"But..." said a startled Mr Gregg.
"No "buts" dear! We must make you a princess in a jiffy!" interrupted the queen.
And they set of for Scotland.
Now what happened to the children? Everything happened so fast that they didn't know what was going on.

Back at the queen's palace...
The queen was quickly talking about being a princess that Mr Gregg was confused. Then she started hitting him with a ruler.
"Stand tall and keep your pretty little chin up if you want to be a princess, dearie!"
She beat him up until he was sore.
"And lastly rule number 471, never snore!"
"ZZZZZ" said Mr Gregg.
"Are you asleep?!" she asked loudly.
Then she hit him on a badly bruised spot.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" cried Mr Gregg in pain.
"Rule 27, dearie!"
"I AM NOT A GIRL NOR A PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mr Gregg shouted furiously, surprising the queen.
Then he took the queen by the arm and dragged her all the way to a glasses shop. He bought her some pink spectacles and thrust the pair into her hand. She could now see.
"Who are you?" asked the Queen.
Mr Gregg sighed. "I am Mr Gregg. Of 4G. From Toulouse. And you just tried to make me into a princess."
"Oh dear!" the Queen exclaimed. And she called to the guards, and they bustled him into the same jet that had landed in front of IST, right in front of the spectacles shop.

A few hours later...
The children were still trying to recover from the shock that the Scottish Queen had just kidnapped their dear beloved Mr Gregg. Suddenly, the same jet that kidnapped their teacher crashed into the classroom.
"Oh, NO!" said Mrs Bain.
"I will fix the hole, don't worry, dearie!" said the Queen from inside the jet. Mr Gregg waved. The children waved back.
"And no more princess hunting!"

But the children still sometimes called him Princess Gregg just to mock him. Mr Gregg reacted like this;
He would get angry, look sad and then would chuckle.

But his adventures wouldn't end just like that!


  1. I really like this story because the Queen keeps on saying "Dearie". (I wish I could write a story like that ).

  2. How dare you! :-( LOL!

    I've never been a princess before! (Except once in a pantomime where I was Cinderella.)

    1. Really? You were Cinderella?!lol Well done Mimi very funny story!