Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reading Rocks

It's June! So keep calm and curl up with a good book, because... Reading Rocks!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Great Museum

On Friday we went to the museum and the first thing that we saw when we went in was an elephant. There was also a skeleton of a pterodactyl.

In the next room there were lots of beautiful gems.

In the next room there was a huge skeleton of a whale and I chose a turtle. And there were lots of little skeletons.
whale skeleton
After that there was a room with lots of really old stuff in it.

Later, there was a room with a polar bear.


On Friday morning we went to the museum. When we entered the museum we saw an enormous elephant that we needed to sketch!
After doing that we went to see the gems and minerals.
It was amazing.

After a while we got to choose an animal skeleton!

Our animal was a horse! 

After sketching the horse we chose a real stuffed animal it was sad and freaky!

When we finished we went up stairs and saw the big polar bear!
After looking amazed at the polar bear we went
to eat! 
When we arrived at school we did a haiku:

 As cute as a teddy 
 as stripy as a tige
lack, white like a panda,

And Golden Time!!!!!

All About the Cool Museum

On Friday we went to the museum and it was in Toulouse. First of all, when we went inside there was a big room and there was an elephant. We sketched it.

After that, when we had finished sketching, we went into the room with all gems and minerals.

Next we went to have a look at the skeletons and I chose a small bird skeleton to sketch. I thought it's legs were similar to human leg bones.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

World Cup simulation in maths

We've been using dice to simulate our own World Cup football in Year 4 (thanks Mrs Patrick for getting us onto this).
We are in our sixteen World Cup teams. The teams are in four groups. Each team plays each other team in its group.

In a match, each team takes it in turns to roll the dice - eight times. If they roll a six, it's a goal!
There are a couple of extra rules. Each team can choose 
  •  to have a strong attack: if you roll a five you get another go;
  •  to have a good goalkeeper. If the opposition rolls a six, you roll the dice and if you get a one you've saved the goal!

There are three points for a win and one point for a lose. We added up the points together. Now, just eight teams go through to the next round (the red ones):

It's not great being out of the game, but we all understand that the dice roll is random, chance, so we don't take it too personally!


Today we played the first knock out rounds:

So, now we're down to the quarter finals, with just four teams left:


We've started zumba in Year 4!

It's something we're going to be working on each Tuesday until we've perfected our dance with Kate Charalambous - thank you Kate!

Creative play times!

Since Claudia brought in her Crazy Loom to show us here has been a bit of a craze for it! We've been helping each other to make bracelets at break times:

At the same time we've been having an origami workshop for younger children:

What a lot of creative children there are in Year 4!

Monday, May 26, 2014

What's the sign?

In Maths today 4B have played a four-in-a-row game.

Our spinner

We used a spinner to determine the function.  Then we had to find a number sentence that needed it.

Here are some pictures of us playing the game.

My fantastic Sunday!

Today I went to the le chateau d'eau and its an old water mill, but now its a photography museum. it was really cool this is what it looks like:

The Le Chateau d'eau.

There was a tap there as well and it was really pretty!:
The well has lots of pretty tiles!

Then we went to the Augustn's and it has loads of statues! There was a exhibition on
and there was lots of stone things but I don't know really what they are! Here is my favourite:
My favourite one.
Me outside the Museum!
But something was strange...... the floor was different! The floor was like plastic
tiles, not stone! Weird!

Different floor!????????

The Museum outside!

When we got back in the car I got really excited! We were going to make cupcakes! Yay! Whopee!
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I love the cupcakes me and my mum makes because they are lemon!
They weren't as nice as when the icing was on! Me and mum agreed on that one! This is what they looked like after!
Can you spot the Marsh mellow?   Oh yes I forgot to tell you but this painting here took TWENTY-FIVE YEARS to paint!(Sos about the caps!)                           
25 years! Unbelievable! 

Yum! Yum!

IST rules!
Well that's what I think what about you?

My cool trip to the museum!

On Friday morning Year 4 went to the Natural History Museum! My partner on the way to the museum was Irene. 

When we arrived at the museum we had to go into groups of four and a teacher or a parent had to come with us so we didn’t get lost.

In my group there was Rozenn, Luis, Tino and me. My parent was Christa. She is Jesse and Ryan’s mum. When we entered the museum we had to sketch a BIG elephant in our sketch book. I think it was an Asian elephant.

When we’d all finished we went to see these beautiful gems that were inside these dry dusty rocks. We had to choose one and write a simile about the gem and if you could you were allowed to do a haiku of it. My haiku was this:

It is amazing 

It is very shiny,

It is my favourite.

And this is my similie:

This is a beautiful stone who got cuted in half.

The white stone is like a shiny who is sticking to

A purple diamond cave.

The stone was called Géodes D’améthystes.

After we went to a room which showed you a video of how the earth and continents would be in the future.

Next we went to a place that had a lot of skeletons from animals all over the world. My group and I sketched an Wallaby. 

Finally we went to my favorite part the stuffed animals there were so cute I sketched a sea lion and a type of small deer.

In the end we went to the manmade section I sketched a wooden knife it was very sharp.

Finally we went to have our lunch. For lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich also an apple and a cherry cake. It was delicious! We went to a park after lunch it was fun playing there.

On the way back to the school was Niamh. It was a great trip!

My trip to the Museum

On Friday morning I went to the natural history museum in Toulouse. It was so much fun!

Did you know?                                                     
The Latin name of an Indian elephant was invented by George Cuvier? It’s Elepha indicus.

We went to the crystal hall and I chose a caterpillar crystal (I called it that because it looked like it was a caterpillar crawling up the wall and trying to escape! K)
Then we went to the skeletons.
We had to choose a skeleton in our group. My group was: Sara, Vega, Tobias, and me. We chose the skeleton of a turtle because it was simple to draw.
Then we went to the treasure section.
I chose some  weapons made in Africa.
The weapons I chose in the treasure were two spears and a sword.

Museum Trip

On Friday I got up and took my shower. Next I leaped into the car and drove to school. Then we hopped on the bus. After a while we came to the museum of natural history in Toulouse.
The first thing I saw was the giant elephant I had to sketch it.
After that we came to the minerals and gems my favourite gem was called Doiptase in France.
Then we watch a short video about how the continents have drifted.
Soon we came to the skeletons we had to choose an animal I don’t remember.

Suddenly I saw a spider ahhhhhh I found out we were in the animal room.

The adventures in the Muséum

On Friday morning we were so excited, we were going to the Natural history museum. When we arrived there was a gigantic elephant. We had to sketsch the elephant.

After that, we went to see the minerals. I chose mineral pyrite. It is pixel metal.

Next we went to see the skeletons. We decided to sketch a big gorilla and a little gorilla.

After, we saw the animals. I sketched monk fish, buffalo, bat, lama, snake, kiwi, toucan and for last paradise bird.

Then we saw the things that men used a long time ago.

There was loads of things like a boat and other swords and spheres and knight Viking helmet.

Then we went to the last room where all the polar bears were.

I saw a gigantic polar bear.

It was lunch time so we went outside the museum.

We had our lunch we played in the park and then to the bus and to school.

Museum De Toulouse

On Friday we went to the museum of Toulouse. In the museum there was a big elephant near the entrance we sketched the elephant the elephant was as big as a hotel, then we went to the gems one of my favourite gem was the hélototrop it was as hard as a mountain rock. And my other favourite one was called calcite it was as sharp as a sharks tooth. Later we went to the skeleton area, were all the skeleton are, we had to sketch the animal one of my animal I gest was a Axis it look like a deer but it was a Axis. Next we went to the animal place were all the animal are one of my favourite animal that I sketch was a rhino the rhino horn was a long as a monkeys tale after that we went back to school.

About the fabulous Museum

About the fabulous muséum!
It was the natural history museum in Toulouse.
When we finally came I began to get VERY excited.
I was in a group with Penelope.
First, I drew the elephant. It was quite hard. After that we went to the dark room with diamonds …
I wrote a haiku about my favourite diamonds:

It reminds me of
A hedgehog in its shell but…
They do not have one!
It was REALLY dark there.

Although I we didn’t stay there long, we had to go.
We walked into a room where we watched a video about the world moving, it was interesting.
Later, we come to the bit that I was was excited about.
It was the bones, I drew one. I thought it was a mini dino but it was a hedgehog!!!

the museum

On Friday morning we went to the museum. It was awesome. We had lots of fun and when we entered the museum there was an enormous elephant, like three metres high. The elephant was an enormous, magical life-like creature. We sketched it.

After a while, we went to see the gems. I choose the one that look like rice and peas. I wrote a haiku about it. Here is my haiku:

Shining like white crystals,
With grass of bluest sapphire.
What could it be there?

I also did two similes:
As white as snow.
As blue as sapphire.

The mineral was a blue cavansite on a white stilbite.

The Trip to the Muséum De Toulouse

On Friday, it was the day of our school trip so we started getting ready like:
  • Going to the toilet
  • Putting our sketch books in our bags
  • Taking out unneeded things
  • Lining up to get lunch from Mrs Baldwin 
  • Getting in partners
  • Mr Gregg reminding us about our groups
Then we got to the bus, it was HUGE! Inside, it was narrow because of the size of the seats. Near the middle, there were two tables. The first ones got to sit there, and Pablo and I were one of them, lucky us! J
     When we got to the institution, we saw the elephant in the main bit of the museum. It was really MASSIVE. Everyone started crowding around so the last ones had to sit down and start drawing the elephants great big HIDE! (Including me)
     Next, we went it the gem gallery. They were so beautiful! It took me a while to choose a jewel though… Finally, I settled on an Autunite and wrote a haiku about it:

A lime-green beauty
Glowing neon in the dark
A star in the night

     Later, we went to an area with skeletons in glass cabinets. My group chose the carcass of an Axis (kind of deer) though we didn't know that until we identified the skeleton with a weird machine thingy near us.

    After that, we arrived to a part of building with many stuffed wildlife. We were supposed to choose a creature of our choice and sketch it. I chose a Genet (Je – net). It looked like a cross between a cat and a weasel or a ferret. I also wrote a haiku about it:

Slick amber fur
Tails swishing From side to side
Genets on the move

   Later, we had a toilet break. The ones who didn’t need to go watched a documentary in a room with a big screen. It was about scientists releasing brown bears to the wild.
    Afterwards, we exited the museum (with our bags of course!) and walked to the Jardin De Plantes. Most of us ran to get a bench. There was also a crazy looking white cockerel as well, what Miss Whittaker calls ‘fancy chickens’!
   When we’d finished lunch, we went in a line and set off for the playground. There were already a lot of children but most of them were leaving anyway. There were a couple of fierce children but that was the only bad thing that happened that day. We got to the bus after that because it was                                                                   Golden-time!

Our Wonderful Natural History Trip!

On Friday we started our trip on the bus and went to the Museum. In the entrance, there was a VAST elephant we had to sketch. And by the way I was in the group with Rozenn’s mum. We were:
Pablo (me) Fernando, Elie and Maria. In the sketch the elephant bit, we all had to sketch in different corners. First of all I sketched the back bit, but I thought it was hard and a bit disgusting. LLLL
So I decided to do the front part. I found that the elephant was named by… GORGES CUVIER!
After a while past the elephant we entered the Minerals and Gems room. We had to choose one and write a similie or a haiku. I wrote a haiku about my mineral:

Bronze and obscure gold,
Freezing grass and trees with wind,
Storm is coming soon.

We also took pictures and videos…
When we’d finished, we sauntered to a room about the continents. There we watched a video of how the continents travelled around the world.
Meanwhile we went to the skeleton zone where we had to sketch an animal skeleton. My group's animal was called: The Monk Fish (Lophius Piscatorius)
At that time, we entered the animals room. We sketched one. I don’t know what the animal was called, but it looked like a half Pig half Hippo. We went upstairs to sketch some patterns of around the world. I sketched a blanket from Congo.
Next was the polar bear room. I touched some real Polar Bear skin!
Later we had lunch in the Jardin des Plantes.
Soon our wonderful trip was over!

The museum

On Friday we went to the museum of Toulouse for a trip. There were all sorts of things. But we started off by sketching the elephant. It was very hard, even though elephants are my favourite animals!

Afterwards, we went to see the gems. I chose the amethyst with white crystal in it! We also had to write a simile. This is mine: the sharp white diamond like icicles hanging from a purple cliff.


  After that, we went to see the moving continents, how the world has changed over the years. (It has changed a lot!) he one that we thought was a kangaroo and so we checked it up and guess what... We wer

Meanwhile, we went to the department where all the skeletons were. We had to choose one as a group. We chose te right – almost – it was a wallaby.

Finally, we came to the last department before lunch! It was where the treasures were from all over the world. We had to choose one. I chose the one that came from Asia. It is what they use as an oar. It was pointy at the end and had a pattern on it because they use it for ceremonies.

Our trip to Toulouse


On Friday we went to the museum of Toulouse (Natural History Museum). I was with Rozenn’s mother and in my group it was: Pablo, Maria, Eli and me.

First of all we went to sketch the elephant. It was difficult to do it. But then after a while it was so good and I was pleased with my work.

Later, we went to see the minerals and gems. They were so beautiful. This is my video I hope you will like it.

Also, I have done a haiku of that mineral:

What a brilliant diamond,

With a shiny purple colour,

What an awesome diamond.

My favourite mineral it was the Fluorite Violet.

After a while we went to the next room that is called the continents. There we watched an awesome video of how the continents move. India was very, very fast that’s why in Tibet there is the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.
Soon after that we went to the next room. It was the skeletons. First of all, we found an unusual skeleton and then we sketched it. Later we went to the room of animals, after a while they told us to sketch an animal they were so beautiful. I sketch a lemur it was so little. At final we went to see the polar bears, it was an awesome videogame and some people play that game. Then we went to eat and after we went to the park.