Monday, May 26, 2014

My trip to the Museum

On Friday morning I went to the natural history museum in Toulouse. It was so much fun!

Did you know?                                                     
The Latin name of an Indian elephant was invented by George Cuvier? It’s Elepha indicus.

We went to the crystal hall and I chose a caterpillar crystal (I called it that because it looked like it was a caterpillar crawling up the wall and trying to escape! K)
Then we went to the skeletons.
We had to choose a skeleton in our group. My group was: Sara, Vega, Tobias, and me. We chose the skeleton of a turtle because it was simple to draw.
Then we went to the treasure section.
I chose some  weapons made in Africa.
The weapons I chose in the treasure were two spears and a sword.

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