Monday, May 26, 2014

My cool trip to the museum!

On Friday morning Year 4 went to the Natural History Museum! My partner on the way to the museum was Irene. 

When we arrived at the museum we had to go into groups of four and a teacher or a parent had to come with us so we didn’t get lost.

In my group there was Rozenn, Luis, Tino and me. My parent was Christa. She is Jesse and Ryan’s mum. When we entered the museum we had to sketch a BIG elephant in our sketch book. I think it was an Asian elephant.

When we’d all finished we went to see these beautiful gems that were inside these dry dusty rocks. We had to choose one and write a simile about the gem and if you could you were allowed to do a haiku of it. My haiku was this:

It is amazing 

It is very shiny,

It is my favourite.

And this is my similie:

This is a beautiful stone who got cuted in half.

The white stone is like a shiny who is sticking to

A purple diamond cave.

The stone was called Géodes D’améthystes.

After we went to a room which showed you a video of how the earth and continents would be in the future.

Next we went to a place that had a lot of skeletons from animals all over the world. My group and I sketched an Wallaby. 

Finally we went to my favorite part the stuffed animals there were so cute I sketched a sea lion and a type of small deer.

In the end we went to the manmade section I sketched a wooden knife it was very sharp.

Finally we went to have our lunch. For lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich also an apple and a cherry cake. It was delicious! We went to a park after lunch it was fun playing there.

On the way back to the school was Niamh. It was a great trip!

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