Monday, May 26, 2014

The museum

On Friday we went to the museum of Toulouse for a trip. There were all sorts of things. But we started off by sketching the elephant. It was very hard, even though elephants are my favourite animals!

Afterwards, we went to see the gems. I chose the amethyst with white crystal in it! We also had to write a simile. This is mine: the sharp white diamond like icicles hanging from a purple cliff.


  After that, we went to see the moving continents, how the world has changed over the years. (It has changed a lot!) he one that we thought was a kangaroo and so we checked it up and guess what... We wer

Meanwhile, we went to the department where all the skeletons were. We had to choose one as a group. We chose te right – almost – it was a wallaby.

Finally, we came to the last department before lunch! It was where the treasures were from all over the world. We had to choose one. I chose the one that came from Asia. It is what they use as an oar. It was pointy at the end and had a pattern on it because they use it for ceremonies.

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