Tuesday, May 27, 2014

World Cup simulation in maths

We've been using dice to simulate our own World Cup football in Year 4 (thanks Mrs Patrick for getting us onto this).
We are in our sixteen World Cup teams. The teams are in four groups. Each team plays each other team in its group.

In a match, each team takes it in turns to roll the dice - eight times. If they roll a six, it's a goal!
There are a couple of extra rules. Each team can choose 
  •  to have a strong attack: if you roll a five you get another go;
  •  to have a good goalkeeper. If the opposition rolls a six, you roll the dice and if you get a one you've saved the goal!

There are three points for a win and one point for a lose. We added up the points together. Now, just eight teams go through to the next round (the red ones):

It's not great being out of the game, but we all understand that the dice roll is random, chance, so we don't take it too personally!


Today we played the first knock out rounds:

So, now we're down to the quarter finals, with just four teams left:


  1. And congratulations to Ivory Coast for winning this World Cup!